Why it’s more important now than ever to move from manual processes to cloud-based origination.

It was just a year ago that the banking world was turned on its head, whiplashed by the closing of branches, ever-changing PPP mandates, and a stagnant economy to boot. But crisis has a way of accelerating innovation and transforming things for good. From increased competitive pressure to new client expectations, community banks now face an opportunity to better serve the SMB market. And while the lending industry has traditionally relied on manual processes and in-person interactions, we believe a new era of loan origination is upon us that will change the game for good.

Key takeaways

The industry landscape does not longer meet the need of customers.

If the pandemic has taught us anything, it’s that things can change at a moment’s notice. In-person meetings and paper forms are not the only way
to do business. In fact, they can be hindrances to expanding a bank’s reach. Consumers, business owners, and professionals alike are now accustomed to living in a digital world with apps and subscription services to fit every need — and they expect their banks’ offerings to be on par.

It’s time for a new era of banking and lending technology — one that focuses more on building relationships than wasting precious time. Are you ready? Download our Whitepaper and read more about our solution.

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Performance that drives scalability

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    Loan volume funded on SPARK

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  • 30%

    Reduction in origination time