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Lower your time to value with simplified, automated loan origination software.

Loan Origination Simplified

SPARK makes business, commercial, and SBA loan origination easier, more secure, and efficient for banks and their customers by digitizing the entire origination process. Our lenders have originated over $8 billion in loans through our platform by moving off manual processes and network shares. Are you ready to say goodbye to outdated and complex lending processes?

What’s in it for you?

Boost revenue, while keeping your team productive.

SPARK users not only experience a reduction in origination time by 30%, but increase their year-over-year origination volume with tools like:

  • Automated Package Creation and Spreading – upload business and personal tax returns, SPARK scans them, creates business and personal records, automatically spreads the I/S and provides a DSCR all within 3 minutes.
  • Digital Lead Form – embedded on your website, business owners start the application process quickly and easily.
  • Applicant Dashboard – business owners log-in to securely upload required documents and data seamlessly connecting them in real-time to the loan team.
  • Auto Generate Documents – don’t waste time manually producing critical internal and external documents. Click a button, generate the document and send it out for digital signature.
  • SBA Lending – auto-generate all required SBA documents, leverage our SBA Eligibility feature and submit to SBA using our E-Tran integration.

What to expect during your SPARK Demo

Get ready for a new era of loan origination.

During the demo, we’ll:

  • Tour the SPARK loan origination platform
  • Discuss your current lending challenges and opportunities
  • Provide answers to your top partnership questions

Performance that drives scalability

  • $8 Billion +

    Loan volume funded on SPARK

  • 65, 000+

    Loans approved

  • 30%

    Reduction in origination time