SPARK FOR Lending service providers

Create More Lending Opportunities

Achieve consistency no matter how many lending partners you have. SPARK helps you reduce complexity with a single place to connect with every lender.

Effortlessly Manage Multiple Lenders at Once

Unlike single instance loan solutions, SPARK makes it easy to manage multiple lenders in one place. That means you can eliminate multiple tools and increase your team’s efficiency from a single solution.

Multi-Lender Capabilities

Increase efficiency and consistency across all your lending partners from a single tool.

White Label Solution

Invite lender contacts into your tailored environment for easier data sharing and review.

Generate More SBA Loans

Outpace the competition with SBA-first features and LSP-specific workflows that help you generate even more lending opportunities.

Direct-to-E-Tran Submission

Click and send directly to E-Tran on behalf of all your lending partners with our seamless integration.

Automated Form Creation

Eliminate time-consuming data reentry with automated data mapping to SBA 7(a) form fields.

Maximize Lending Efficiency

SPARK is applicant-facing, meaning all your lending partners and their borrowers can work from the same system. When your partners are in the same place, you can serve them more efficiently.


Seamlessly connect with your lending partners — in the cloud, from
a single system.

Document Generation

Generate important documents like credit memos in bulk, and personalize each template to the specific lender.

What LSPs Love About SPARK

SPARK features are ready right out of the box. Want more? Configurability helps us meet any need.
  • E-Tran Integration

    Auto-generate all your SBA forms and documents, and seamlessly send through our E-Tran integration.
  • Partner Portal

    Keep partners engaged and informed with a portal to request, receive, and review necessary documents.
  • Integrated Eligibility

    Track SBA eligibility in real time with tools that automatically update as requirements are met.
  • Multi-Lender Support

    Easily manage multiple lenders, and invite each into the platform to review information in a snap.

We Know SBA

SPARK offers the most robust SBA feature set on the market. Get E-Tran integration, SBA 10 Tabs, automatic SBA Form generation, and more to help you win against the competition.
Success stories

Trusted by LSPs

The SPARK onboarding team is highly experienced with SBA lending, so it wasn’t just technical expertise they brought to the table. We had been dealing with technical work-arounds for years, but SPARK understood the real-world challenges of SBA vs. always talking about functionality.
I would say if you are looking for software, SPARK is a great solution. Beyond that, I would say that you won’t find another organization as good as SPARK when it comes to the customer service side.
The SPARK lending platform has been a game changer for The Bancorp as we continue to expand our SBA and small business lending business. The team at SPARK listened and understood our specific needs and was…

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Your Frequently Asked Questions

Get answers to your biggest questions about how SPARK solves LSP-specific needs.
  • Yes! You control how much your lenders can access in SPARK.

  • For sure. You decide which products to support based on different lenders’ needs.

  • Absolutely. Generate forms, automate packaging, and send directly to E-Tran for multiple lenders in one interface.

  • You bet. No more switching between systems or manually generating documents. Eliminate data reentry and customize documents automatically.


See SPARK for Yourself

Let go of disjointed systems and inefficient processes. See how SPARK helps you support multiple lenders with a tour of the platform, a one-on-one conversation about your needs, and answers to your biggest questions.