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Our authenticity, innovation, and people are only part of what makes
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Why Work at SPARK?

At SPARK, we’ve carefully curated an environment where people can be themselves and thrive with the tools and support they need. Our forward-thinking culture attracts people who want to gain knowledge, build relationships, and contribute to building a more inclusive economy.

Flexibility for Real Life

We’re real people too. That’s why we value work-life balance that keeps employees fulfilled and recharged to be their best selves.

Autonomy to Do Your Best Work

We trust our people to work hard and put customers first. Every team member is genuinely motivated by SPARK’s mission to build a more inclusive economy.

Accountability to Make an Impact

We’ve grown our team purposefully to include trustworthy industry experts who have been in your shoes and understand where you’re coming from. We’ve built SPARK to be a Public Benefit Corporation that does meaningful work for the community and beyond.

An Empathy-Driven Team

We’ve always put people first. At SPARK, our people are empathetic, knowledgeable, and extremely passionate about helping lenders like you succeed. We even make lending fun — so you can enjoy more of what you do.
SPARK is the only company I have worked for that really appreciates and focuses on creating a strong and positive culture.
Keegan Mack
We care for people – this comes through not only with how the team members interact with one another, but how we interact with our customers.
Dawn Tata
We are a small team that believes good ideas can come from anywhere. Everyone is able to contribute in a way that is tangible and immediate.
Our people are all high-functioning, thoughtful, and experts in their fields. They work hard and are very fun to be around!
Elle Harstad
Working at SPARK is inspiring and motivational. Leadership has created an environment where every individual can excel and contribute at the highest-level while being part of a team that is fun, passionate and hard working.
Melissa Ewen
Our foundation was built on providing opportunity to all peoples from every walk of life, promoting open and honest communication within the team, and creating a welcoming environment for all who work with or for SPARK.

Our Core Beliefs

Any company can put a set of core values in writing. At SPARK,
we live our values every day — in every customer conversation
we have and every new feature we build.
  • Empathy

    We’ve been in your shoes. That’s why we take the time to listen first, understand your needs, and support you with dependable technology.
  • Integrity

    We strive to do the right thing, even when it’s easier not to. We aim to bring integrity to the industry, making lending fair and equitable for all.
  • Creativity

    There’s always a better way — it’s just a matter of finding it. Our creativity is what led us to start SPARK, bringing a newer, better way of doing things to an industry ready for change.
  • Inclusivity

    For too long, lending has operated on an exclusionary model that leaves deserving people without the resources to thrive. All are welcome here — whether as employees, customers, or beneficiaries of our lending technology.

The Perks of Working at SPARK

SPARK employees consistently say they feel valued and supported. One of the ways we create a positive culture is by giving employees the resources to thrive as professionals — and as people.


SPARK employees are vested from day one in a 401(k) account to begin saving for retirement.

Employer-Paid Healthcare

SPARK covers 100% of healthcare premiums so team members and their families never have to worry about medical payment hardship

Paid Time Off

We offer generous PTO so employees can prioritize personal well-being, family, and travel.

Other Perks

As a remote company, employees can purchase the office tools they need to do their best work with an annual stipend. We also prioritize individual well-being by providing an annual allowance for wellness activities. Our bi-annual, in-person get-togethers give SPARK teams a chance to take a load off and build camaraderie.

Our Mission is Inclusivity

Our beliefs on diversity, equity, and inclusion are found in our vision: to build a more inclusive economy.

At SPARK, we seek to include — in our team, our lending software, and our community. By partnering with the Boys and Girls Club, our sponsorship and volunteering extends our impact beyond banking and technology.


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