Our Approach to Your Lending Success

We provide the fastest, most helpful onboarding and customer support to ensure your lending success — now and in the future.

Onboarding with Faster Time to Value

Our goal is simple: to give your team the knowledge and confidence to start processing loans as quickly as possible. SPARK offers the industry’s fastest, most hands-on onboarding with experts to help through training — and beyond.

Get Acquainted with SPARK

Jump right into your SPARK environment from day one. We kick off onboarding with an overview of the SPARK loan origination system and a hands-on look at the loan intake process.

Improve Your Underwriting

Explore SPARK’s underwriting features and use cases like advanced deal structures, statement spreading, SBA eligibility review, integrated third-party data, and commitment letter generation to underwrite more consistently across your entire team.

Accelerate Your Closing

Learn how to maximize your SBA efficiency with SPARK’s loan packaging, closing, and disbursement tools. Work with our built-in SBA 7(a) capabilities to make submission easy, stay on top of closing requirements, and maintain post-disbursement tracking and communication.

Team Training and Practice

Get full-team training on a real loan in SPARK so you can see what it actually looks like to put one through the system. You’ll leave training with the ability to process any loan, no matter the complexity.
The SPARK lending platform has been a game changer for The Bancorp as we continue to expand our SBA and small business lending business. The team at SPARK listened and understood our specific needs and was able to provide a client facing system that is increasing our productivity on a daily basis.
Jeff Nager
EVP, Head of Commercial Lending at The Bancorp

Your Success is Our Success

We get you up and running fast — but that doesn’t mean you’re on your own. Your dedicated Customer Success Manager is there to ensure your success with regular check-ins, countless resources, and a listening ear to incorporate your feedback in future releases.

Customer Support

We’ve been where you are. That’s why we’re here with you every step of the way to answer questions, improve your proficiency, and gather feedback.

Feedback Loop

Regular customer feedback makes SPARK the best platform in the industry. That’s why we proactively request input on proposed improvements and new features.

Guided In-Platform Training

Learn how to use SPARK firsthand by working in it from the start. Plus, get written and video resources to reference later or train new employees.

Improvements Every 8 Weeks

SaaS-based lending means your system is always up-to-date — without additional investment or action required. We release every 8 weeks, combining our vision with customer feedback to address bugs, maintain backend efficiency, and deploy new features.

Find Answers Fast

Find exactly what you need when you need it with a searchable knowledge base of 100+ articles. Self-serve and get answers to important questions whether it’s during business hours or not.

How We Price

SPARK pricing is unique to your team’s use of the platform. Unlike other SaaS providers, we prioritize your results, not potential. That means you never pay for more than you use — just a monthly subscription fee and usage rate based on origination volume.
Success stories

Our Customers Love the SPARK Process

The SPARK lending platform has been a game changer for The Bancorp as we continue to expand our SBA and small business lending business. The team at SPARK listened and understood our specific needs and was…
We’ve all been there — trying to sift through email inboxes, multiple platforms, and databases just to get the information we need to move forward. But every wild goose chase adds up, and that time equals money…
NDC’s Grow America Fund is a national small business (SBA 7a) lending program designed to catalyze job creation in underserved communities. With Preferred Lender status granted by the Small Business…
I would say if you are looking for software, SPARK is a great solution. Beyond that, I would say that you won’t find another organization as good as SPARK when it comes to the customer service side.
The SPARK onboarding team is highly experienced with SBA lending, so it wasn’t just technical expertise they brought to the table. We had been dealing with technical work-arounds for years, but SPARK understood the real-world challenges of SBA vs. always talking about functionality.

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Your Frequently Asked Questions

Get answers to your biggest questions about the SPARK onboarding process and support.
  • SPARK onboarding lasts three weeks, with an additional week for all-team training. You can expect to spend 3-5 hours per week getting to know the system and tailoring it to your team’s specific needs.

  • SPARK can meet each lender’s needs with a flexible nomenclature and navigation process.

  • We suggest appointing a “SPARK champion” at your organization to help manage your team’s involvement. This is usually a project manager or other leader. Be sure to include team leads for each of the three main stages of onboarding (sales, credit, and closing or loan operations), as well as any other subject matter experts. Each party only needs to attend the stages (about one week each) that pertain to their expertise. Any individual who will use the SPARK platform must attend the final week for live training.

  • Yes! Feel free to introduce team members to the platform early to start working through onboarding.

  • Our materials are specifically designed to help new users walk through the process step by step, ensuring an easy experience even for those borrowers who aren’t tech-savvy.

  • Each user is given a unique username and password, which they alone control. Users can also enhance security using two-factor authentication.

  • We do not connect to a servicing system, but we can generate the information needed for servicing. Using our API, we can pull data out of SPARK, which can then be used for a servicing system.


Experience Hassle-Free Onboarding

See the SPARK platform firsthand, and discover how the industry’s fastest onboarding experience gets your team ready for any loan in just four weeks.