About Us

Lending with heart.

At SPARK, we’re not here to meet industry standards — we exist to rise above them. We are fearless in our pursuit of creating the most innovative loan origination technology, combining our expertise and savvy with the service and heart our customers appreciate most.

It’s our people and passion that set us apart.

And because we believe in banking and lending that does the most good for communities and business owners, SPARK is uncompromising in advancing economic equality, purposeful business practices, and mission-driven lending.

What We Do
We’ve built the industry’s most complete and intuitive end-to-end solution for managing and nurturing SMB lending. Through automation, customer-centered design, and deep expertise, we work to simplify the loan origination process for purposeful lenders.
Our Approach
We believe in banking and lending that does the most good for communities and business owners. That’s why we strive to cut through complexities with a straightforward approach to lending technology. Beyond that, we take a unique, hands-on approach to working with banks, LSPs, and mission-driven lenders by using real-world examples for training and offering strategic guidance that’s easy to understand.
Our Team
We come from diverse professional backgrounds to bring you the most reliable lending expertise. We are technologists, SBA experts, former loan officers, and customer advocates. But most of all, we’re humans who are passionate about helping you serve others.

SPARK is powered by Ignify Technologies, Inc. – the world’s only loan origination technology company operating as a Public Benefit Corporation. Ignify’s purpose is to build a more inclusive economy by providing greater access to responsibly priced capital and creating pathways to prosperity for small business owners. Through our network of for-profit and non-profit enterprises, we are focused on digitizing lending processes, automating data and information collection, and fundamentally transforming how the small business ecosystem operates.

SPARK is a member of all major bank associations.

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