For over 20 years, The Bancorp has been providing nonbank companies with the people, processes and banking technology to meet their individual needs. As a result, they have become an industry-leading provider of reliable technology-forward solutions that move their partners’ businesses into the future.


It was 2019. The Bancorp, a technology-focused financial institution with strong payment processing and specialized lending capabilities, was faced with the challenge of streamlining its Small Business Administration (SBA) loan origination process.

At that time, Jeff Nager, EVP, Head of Commercial Lending, realized that the application and origination processes needed to be optimized to handle greater client demand.

SPARK Solution

Instead of turning to industry giants, Jeff took a chance on a small company that could start working with him immediately to develop an end-to-end lending platform. There are many reasons why Jeff selected SPARK as a solution provider:
  1. SBA lending is a critical business line for The Bancorp Bank and would continue to be in the future. This meant a solution was needed that could scale over time.
  2. SPARK’s commitment to making continual, meaningful platform enhancements without fail every eight weeks.
  3. SPARK’s guarantee for personalized support throughout the development and implementation processes.
  4. The Bank could provide valuable insights into SPARK’s product roadmap that could further facilitate SBA loan origination in the future.
The SPARK lending platform has been a game changer for The Bancorp as we continue
to expand our SBA and small business lending business. The team at SPARK listened and
understood our specific needs and was able to provide a client facing system that is
increasing our productivity on a daily basis.
Jeff Nager
EVP, Head of Commercial Lending at The Bancorp


Today, the SPARK platform supports the Bank’s Commercial Lending business, which includes both Small Business Lending and Commercial Fleet Leasing services. There’s no doubt that originating loans with SPARK enables the Bank to process loans more efficiently. Since adopting SPARK, the Bank’s lending and leasing businesses have been able to significantly reduce credit-decisioning times and have streamlined other parts of the loan process including sales, credit, and closing. These efficiencies have also benefitted their clients.

While creating a streamlined loan origination process for The Bancorp Bank, we learned a lot too!

Through the Bank’s partnership and feedback, we’ve sharpened our onboarding, training, and launch processes. We’ve even adopted several job aids they created to help users better understand the SPARK system’s capabilities.


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