When Rookies Become Rivals

In this report, we expose the reasons fintechs and non-banks are poised to succeed in the market, what threats they pose for traditional lenders, and how digital transformation not only ups your game, but keeps you in it.

Ignoring Underserved Markets Comes at a Cost

In this report, we take a look at the key challenges that underserved markets face, how technology plays a crucial role in correcting the disparity, and what banks stand to gain from mission-based and anti-discriminatory lending.

Lending Industry Changes to Look for in the Coming Years

As industries grow and change, there’s never a shortage of fads and gimmicks. But there are several movements occurring in the lending industry right now that we believe are not only innovative, but here to stay.

Thoughtful Automation

In this guide, we address the hang-ups that prevent teams from adopting lending technology by exploring the benefits of automation and how it’s designed to augment — not eliminate — jobs in the financial sphere.

Small Business Lending: Reimagined

In this guide, we explore what hassle-free SBA lending looks like, how you can achieve it, and why it matters for the future of the lending community.

Now Hiring

It’s not just restaurants and retailers. The hiring drought has affected financial services too, including banks, CDFIs, lender service providers, small business owners, recruiters, vendors, partners, and many more.

At the Crossroads of Digital Lending

Change often comes from necessity — and until now, some lenders have gotten by with old processes. But with market share, customer loyalty, and ROI now at risk, can any lender afford not to transform?

The Digital Imperative in a Post-COVID World

From increased competitive pressure to new client expectations, community banks now face an opportunity to better serve the SMB market.