NDC's Grow America Fund

Automation and adaptability make SPARK a great growth impetus for this purpose-driven lender.


NDC’s Grow America Fund is a national small business (SBA 7a) lending program designed to catalyze job creation in underserved communities. With Preferred Lender status granted by the Small Business Administration, they have provided loans to 710+ small businesses nationwide.


NDC (National Development Council) knows a thing or two about purpose-driven business. Since 1969, the company’s mission has been to “direct capital to support the development and preservation of affordable housing, create jobs through small business lending, advance livable communities with social infrastructure investment, and build capacity with hands-on technical assistance to local governments.”

Specifically, NDC’s Grow America Fund helps small businesses catalyze job creation in underserved communities. However, the company previously had trouble maintaining consistent processes, leading to delays in loan origination.

SPARK Solution

With SPARK, NDC has been able to standardize its processes, automate recurring tasks, and focus more on building customer relationships. Since moving to the SPARK platform, NDC has deployed more than $320 million in capital. More efficient lending processes also set NDC up for success when COVID-19 hit, allowing the organization to stay nimble in responding to small business owners in need. Together with SPARK, NDC has pioneered several COVID-specific recovery based products, including those in PPP. In fact, NDC has largely pivoted its focus to relief work since the start of the pandemic.

SPARK never once crashed through all the PPP lending we did. It didn’t even come close. . . . When I think about what they did, to me, it’s almost jaw-dropping.

Dyrck Bennett
Chief Credit Officer of NDC Grow America Fund

Apart from the stability of the platform, NDC appreciates the user-friendly interface and adaptability to different products, as well as our Customer Success Team’s deep knowledge and lightning fast response times.


SPARK has made it easy for NDC to not only respond quickly in a time of need, but manage a growing team and rapidly changing process.