How SPARK Works for You

Manage the entire origination journey – from inquiry to funding – with a scalable and dependable loan origination platform.

Online lead generation, secure digital document transfer, integrated credit scoring, configurable spreading capabilities, and automated letters of interest help get deals “off the street” quickly.

SPARK supports advanced deal structures, configurable statement spreading, intuitive lender policy, SBA Eligibility review, integrated third-party data, and commitment letter generation capabilities to streamline and standardize loan decisioning.

Minimize processing times with built-in SBA 7(a) capabilities including automated SBA Form generation, direct E-Tran integration, SBA 10-Tab document checklists, and robust data validation.

Work from a shared record and leverage SPARK intelligence to manage document checklists, tasks, fees, invoices, and third-party reports to reduce errors, eliminate re-keying of information, and stay on top of all your closing requirements.

Easily track post-closing disbursement of funds and facilitate communication with operations and servicing teams to ensure timely and accurate disbursement of funds to your new borrowers.

Core Features of the SPARK Platform

Everything you need to optimize the small business lending process.

Configurable lending products and features

SPARK supports the lending process at the product level, making it easier to differentiate and control the process for different loan types and sizes. Each SPARK engagement requires a dedicated onboarding and configuration phase where key product details and process differentiation are discussed and then built into the platform.

Intuitive borrower-facing dashboards

SPARK connects the small business owner directly to the lender through an intuitive and dynamic dashboard that evolves as the transaction evolves, building trust and transparency into the process. SPARK’s white-label functionality helps lenders retain and leverage their existing brand presence and customer loyalty, while delivering a seamless digital experience to their customers.

Powerful document management capabilities

SPARK’s document management system supports multiple document views, auto-naming of uploaded files, digital signatures, and more. Automated document generation strategies ensure SPARK customers are fully documenting each loan file and document search makes locating loan documentation simple and easy. Never spend another minute renaming and reorganizing files on a network share ever again.

Powerful portfolio reporting capabilities

SPARK gives leadership teams instant access to accurate and consistent pipeline reporting, days in stage, industry concentration visibility, risk trends, and referral partner metrics. Don’t wait for your teams to tell you what’s happening – let SPARK summarize the data for you in real time.

Integrated SBA processing

SPARK includes unparalleled capabilities that help our customers tackle even the most complex SBA deals. With a direct E-Tran integration, intuitive SBA Eligibility validation, built-in SBA 10-Tab document views, and automated SBA form generation, SBA lenders and lender service providers can process more loans in less time. Additionally, lenders and LSPs can be confident they’re compliant with the latest SBA SOP rules.

Reach Your Lending Goals

From inquiry to funding, SPARK covers the entire origination journey. SPARK connects sales, credit, and fulfillment teams together on one platform to deliver a seamless experience to the small business owner. Let us help you:

Save Time

  • Automated document generation
  • Intelligent document checklists
  • Customer-facing information requests

Increase User Satisfaction

  • Mobile-responsive interface
  • Increased transparency
  • Faster decision times

Reduce Costs

  • No IT investment required
  • Shorter time-to-value
  • Eliminate duplicative systems

Boost Team Collaboration

  • Cloud-based access from any device
  • Secure information transfer/validation
  • Real-time information captured
  • Defined hand-offs for each stage

Grow Volume

  • Engage customers online
  • Automate repetitive tasks
  • Standardize process execution
  • Create configurable navigation

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