SPARK for Mission-Driven Lenders

For non-profit lenders that want to make an even bigger community impact, SPARK will increase the productivity of your thinly-stretched teams and enable additional lending growth, increasing organizational self-sufficiency.


Non-Profit Pricing

Eligible mission-driven lenders (or CDFIs) qualify for special platform discounts.



Built by a mission-driven lender to help other mission-driven lenders be successful.


Program Support

Integrated support for SBA and USDA loan products to help mission-driven lenders.

SBA Out-of-the-Box. No add-ons needed.

Don't pay extra. Our platform provides all the key features out-of-the-box. No need to purchase additional add-ons for SBA-specific functionality.


Automated SBA Forms


SOP 50 10 Compliant


Direct E-Tran Integration


Built-in SBA 10-Tab


SBA Eligibility Review


Automated Guaranty Fee


Borrower Equity Tracking


Referral Agent Tracking

SPARK: Your SBA Specialist

Created in a CDFI by skilled professionals with dedication to solving the challenges plaguing the community development industry

Engage with customers where they are

In our experience with mission-driven lenders, we have found that borrowers are often found in rural areas and may not be in close to the lender’s offices. Don’t let distance or geography be a barrier to helping worthy borrowers! SPARK is a cloud-based platform that can be accessed anywhere with an internet connection. This allows you to reach more borrowers in your lending service area.

Simplified mission-driven lending

Progressively, the lending industry is moving more and more towards digital lending options for their borrowers. Financial institutions want the ability to engage with borrowers, while still maintaining a personal touch. Luckily, SPARK is able to fulfill both of those needs for mission-driven lenders and CDFIs. Ensure your CDFI has the same tools and competitive advantages as your for-profit counterparts, at a fraction of the cost.

Outsource to a trusted partner

Rely on us for technology infrastructure, process optimization, product development, information security, program compliance, and customer experience, without adding a dedicated IT staff person. SPARK has dedicated customer success managers and support to help lenders learn the platform and get the most out of a digital lending solution. Join the digital revolution re-shaping the lending landscape with a reliable, affordable platform.

“I would say if you are looking for software, SPARK is a great solution. Beyond that, I would say that you won’t find another organization as good as CRF when it comes to the customer service side.”

Michael Lattery

Director of Business Finance, Entrepreneur Fund

SPARK makes the process simple

Small business lending is complex, your lending platform doesn't have to be.

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