SPARK for Lender Service Providers

Experience the complete SBA loan origination solution.

  • Achieve Better Document Control

    SPARK helps you organize all your SBA documentation in a single-source solution.

  • Enhance Lender Partnerships

    Easily share information and allow lenders to collaborate with borrowers.

  • Streamline the Onboarding Process

    Focus on putting your SBA expertise to work sooner with a simplified onboarding process.

SBA out of the box. No add-ons needed.

Don’t pay extra for customization. The SPARK platform provides all the key features you need — straight out of the box. No need to purchase additional add-ons for SBA-specific functionality.

  • Automated SBA forms
  • Direct E-Tran integration
  • SBA eligibility review
  • Borrower equity tracking
  • SOP 50 10 compliant
  • Built-in SBA 10-Tab
  • Automated guaranty fee
  • Referral agent tracking

Generate More Lending Opportunities

Boost your SBA loan portfolio with an end-to-end solution.

A white-label, cloud-based system

Support multiple lenders, while retaining your brand’s visibility. Strengthen your relationships with lenders and meet their needs, while reinforcing your own business and marketing goals.

Direct-to-SBA application and documentation submission

By the time the loan reaches the packaging stage, most of your work has already been done. While you build out a loan package in SPARK, the platform is simultaneously building out SBA forms and eligibility and compiling all the information you need to send over a complete loan file to E-Tran. Sources, uses, collateral, and even refinance information that has already been entered into SPARK is sent to E-Tran directly. By reusing data, you can eliminate time-consuming re-keying of information, allowing you to turn around loans faster to your lender.

Automatic SBA 7(a) form creation

We take the pain and complexity out of creating SBA 7(a) documents. SPARK uses mapping technology behind the scenes to take these data points and match them to fields on the SBA forms. Information about the borrower, primary contact, sources and uses, and terms will automatically flow to the 1919 and 1920 in SPARK without having to do any extra work.

The SPARK onboarding team is highly experienced with SBA lending, so it wasn’t just technical expertise they brought to the table. We had been dealing with technical work-arounds for years, but SPARK understood the real-world challenges of SBA vs. always talking about functionality.

Beth Kirby
Senior Vice President, Holtmeyer and Monson

Other companies that entered a new era of loan origination with SPARK.

SPARK for Lender Service Providers

Reliable. Scalable.

For LSPs seeking a complete solution for all aspects of SBA origination.

SPARK for Mission-Driven Lenders

All-in-one. Affordable.

For mission-driven organizations seeking a streamlined platform with built-in access to SBA products.